OPEN by Crystal Skillman

Featuring Allison Witham as the Magician

Open is a magic show that takes place in the main character's mind. The audience has been summoned to play a critical role, but why? The Magician presents a myriad of tricks for our entertainment, while attempting the impossible. Is our faith in her illusions enough to rewrite the past? The clock is ticking, the show must go on, and we mustn't look away.

Cabal: a Play with Puzzles

created by David Pisa and John Heimbuch

When a renegade magister's quest threatens the Cabal's very existence, who should control this ultimate power? Part escape room, part live theatre, Cabal is a hands-on immersive puzzle drama for 6-10 audience members.

Enter the secret society and unlock the truth.

General Auditions - October 20-22

Walking Shadow is having general non-equity auditions from October 20-22 for our upcoming productions of:

THE UGLY ONE - an absurdist farce
Rehearsals begin Dec 16, performing  Feb 1 – 16, 2020.

RED MAYOR - a live radio play
Rehearsals begin March 16, performing April 25 – May 10, 2020.

Walking Shadow’s 2019-2020 Season

We’re celebrating our 16th season with three productions. Individual tickets and three-show packages are now available! Learn about these shows by clicking the links below:

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