2019-2020 SEASON

Walking Shadow presents its 16th season! Three-show packages now available!


by Crystal Skillman
directed by Amy Rummenie

Oct 12 - Nov 3, 2019
ArtBox Theater

Open is a magic act that reveals itself to be a resurrection. A woman called The Magician presents a myriad of tricks for our entertainment, while attempting the impossible: to save the life of her partner, Jenny. Is our faith in her illusions enough to rewrite the past? The clock is ticking, the show must go on, and you mustn't look away. Amazing as it may seem, this Magician’s act may be our last hope against a world filled with intolerance and hate. Learn more about Open.

(Original Title: Der Häßliche)

by Marius von Mayenburg
Translated by Maja Zade
directed by Amy Rummenie

Feb 1 - 16, 2020
Open Eye Theatre

Lette is a great guy. But his wife and his boss think he’s unspeakably ugly. (If only they had told him sooner!) Shocked to realize just how hideous he is, Lette goes to a plastic surgeon for a total facial overhaul. Suddenly everyone wants his face, literally. But whose face is it really? An absurd comedy of identity, appearance, and individuality. Learn more about The Ugly One.


by Savannah Reich
directed by John Heimbuch

April 25 - May 10, 2020
Open Eye Theatre

During the Great Depression, the sleepy town of Crosby, Minnesota unexpectedly elected America’s first Communist mayor. “We cannot fail,” Karl Emil Nygard declared! A year later, he had failed. The revolution fizzled, and the good citizens of Crosby very prudently stopped talking about the whole thing. From the playwright behind Hatchet Lady comes this Prairie Home-alternative radio drama about proper Minnesotans, how to be a good radical, and the somewhat-true history of our first Red Mayor. Learn more about Red Mayor.

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